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Guidelines for Authors

Authors are invited by the editors or guest editor(s) to contribute articles to the WoM. WoM publishes themed issues only.

The following are general guidelines for those submitting articles to be considered for publication in the WoM.

1. Articles

Manuscripts are to be submitted to the editors/guest editors, who have them peer-reviewed by specialists and reserve the right to copy- edit them in cooperation with the author. Only research data not published elsewhere will be accepted for publication in the journal. Please submit final manuscripts in .doc format by e-mail, indicating which word processing software was used. The publishers have their own formatting template, so manuscripts should be kept simple: no hyphenation, no special fonts (not even for titles or headings), and no marking with italics for words from other languages than English.

2. Illustrations and audio-visual material

Authors are encouraged to include into their articles photographs, diagrams, and other illustrations (.jpg or .tif format). Such illustration material should be submitted together with the manuscript, with the image files numbered according to the position in the text. The position of each illustration and audio-visual example should be clearly marked in the text, with captions and credits provided. We are also happy to include audio-visual materials into the articles. For audio examples, please use .mp3 files.

3. References

Do not use full bibliographic references in the article text, footnotes, or captions, but instead refer to the author, year of publication and, where appropriate, page numbers. Example:

This is also a kind of historicism (Kojak 1996:129).

Complete bibliographical information should then appear in a special section after the "Notes," under "References." Examples:

For an article—Kojak, Edward 1996 "The Shepherd in European Art Music." Musical Pastoralism 38(1):95- 138. (name of journal in italics)

For an article within a book—Schoenborn, Frederick 1979 "Great Baroque Houses in Franconia." In Franconia Has It All. Peter Schlenkerla, ed. Bamberg: Görres Press, 29-44. (title in italics)

For a book—Grundy, Solomon 1988 Living on Mondays. Paris: University of Paris Press.
Please give the full name of the author and, for books, the publisher, year and place of publication.

4. Deadlines

Confer with your guest editor regarding the deadline for the submission of your contribution.

You will receive a set of galleys for a final check. Upon correction, these are to be returned to the editors for final proofreading. Corrections should be sent back within 10 days. Once these ten days have passed, the editors are entitled to edit the article (if necessary) and release it for publication.

5. Checklist

All submissions should be sent by e-mail. In case of technical problems (e.g., due to file size), please contact us in time.
Here is a short checklist you might want to use before sending your manuscript to us:

1. Manuscript (.doc): submit by e-mail, indicating which word processing program was used. The text includes:
a. Abstract of about 10 lines; b. Footnotes (if necessary); c. References

2. Photos, diagrams, illustrations, and/or audio-visual material: numbered and complete with captions and credits. (Permissions for use must also be obtained whenever necessary.) Position of each illustration and audio-visual material is clearly marked in text.

3. Biographical information about yourself (up to 5 lines).

4. Are all your addresses included? (postal, fax, e-mail)

6. Conditions for the acceptation of articles

The author grants to the publisher the right to publish and distribute their article.

Should you still have questions regarding the submission of your article, feel free to contact your guest editor, and, if needed, editor. The editors of the WoM look forward to working with you!


Contact information:


Prof Dr Birgit Abels

Georg August University Göttingen Musicology Department
Kurze Geismarstraße 1

37073 Göttingen


Dr Barbara Titus

Universiteit van Amsterdam Department of Musicology
Doelenstraat 16

1012 CP Amsterdam
The Netherlands