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About the Journal

the world of music (new series) is an international peer-reviewed journal seeking a critical understanding of performing arts and cultural practices involving music, dance and theater worldwide, as well as the many contexts in which they come into being.

In this, it provides scholars from a multiplicity of academic backgrounds a forum for the discussion of musics from around the world, their dynamics and their many meanings, manifested in a variety of ever changing forms ranging from highly particular and localized systems of musical thinking in traditional musics to global (musical) cultural flows and consumption.

the world of music (new series) 

.:: embraces a wide variety of approaches to the analytical study of the musics of the world, including indigenous methodologies, post-colonial, and critical as well as queer perspectives.

.:: thinks across disciplinary boundaries; and

.:: strongly encourages theoretical and methodological reflections on the study of the musics of the world.


Each issue focuses on a specific topic. In a firmly established practice of the world of music and the world of music (new series), high-profile guest editors are invited to design issues and see them through the entire preparation process. We don't invite indidvidual articles for submission.